Axis Bank Ace Credit Card Joining Fee Reversal | Confirmation SMS

Axis bank Ace credit card has a joining fee of Rs. 499 (Rs 588.92 with GST Rs.89.82). The joining fee is reversed upon spending Rs 10,000 within 45 days of card issuance. This info is available at Axis bank’s website Probably you know it already. In this post, we will provide additional tips on ensuring you have spent the required amount to get the Axis bank Ace credit card joining fee reversal.

Axis Bank Credit Card Approval Mail

After you complete the submission of the application for Axis Bank’s credit card, If your application is approved, you will receive an email with the subject “Your Axis Bank Credit Card application is approved”. This email would be from (Axis Bank Alerts). The email would look like below.

< date >
Dear Customer,

Thank you for banking with us.

We are pleased to inform you that your Axis Bank Credit Card application with reference no. < Your application ref number > has been approved and the card will be delivered at your registered address shortly.

For activation and usage details, visit

Please download and keep a copy of the Most Important Terms and Conditions and Card Member agreement for future reference.

Should you require any more details, please call 18604195555.

Always open to help you.

Axis Bank Ltd.

SMS with details about joining fee reversal

After about a week to ten days from the credit card approval mail, the below SMS (from sender TM-AxisBK) would be received

Dear Customer, avail a Joining Fee waiver on your Axis Bank ACE Credit Card XX1234 on spends of INR 10000 by < date in dd-mm-yy format. >

SMS confirming joining fee reversal

After spending Rs.10000 (Rupees Ten thousand) below SMS confirming the reversal of the joining fee was received (from sender VM-AxisBk)

Axis Bank Ace Credit Card Joining Fee Reversal
Joining Fee of Rs 499.00+tax levied to your AXIS BANK credit card no XXXX1234 is reversed. The same would reflect in next month statement

Confirming reversal of joining fee from credit card statement

In the Axis bank ACE credit card statement received you would find two credit transactions. One credit transaction to reverse the joining fee of Rs.499 and another credit transaction to reverse the GST amount of Rs.89.92. Below is a snip of these two transactions from Axis bank ACE credit card statement

Joining fee reversal in Axis bank ACE Credit card statement

When is the Axis bank credit card joining fee charged?

The joining fee charges would be the first transaction on your Axis bank credit card. In the first monthly credit card statement received you would find the actual joining fee amount and a separate entry for the GST on the joining fee. You can refer to the below snip taken from the first month Axis bank credit card statement.

Axis bank joining fee with GST from statement

Note that the above are debit transactions (indicated by ‘Dr’. In the case of reversal the transactions would be marked ‘Cr’)

ps: With a spend of Rs 10,000 you would be able to get the joining fee waived. However, for the waiver of the annual fee charged for subsequent years, you need to spend Rs 2,00,000 (two lakhs) or more.

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