How to Extend PPF Account in SBI Online

PPF (Public Provident Fund) account matures after 15 years from the end of financial year in which it was opened. It is mandatory to Extend PPF Account after it matures if you want to continue contributing money into your PPF account (Any contribution done without extension will not fetch you any interest). This post will share details about how to extend PPF account in SBI Online. Until recently SBI PPF account extension online was not possible.

Thanks to recent lock downs and movement restrictions, SBI has enabled option to extend PPF account online. It is not mandatory to submit Form H or Form 4, which is required for PPF account extension if done in person by visiting the branch.

If you are looking for some pointers to confirm the exact maturity date of your PPF account, you can use any one of the methods discussed at How to Check Minimum Balance Required in SBI.

Channels Available to Extend PPF Account in SBI Online (without branch visit)

1. By using SBI Net Banking facility
2. Send an e-mail request to branch where your account is held

At present SBI YONO App does not provide option to extend matured PPF account.

Extending PPF Account in SBI Online using Net Banking

1. Login to SBI Net Banking facility by vising

2. From the “e-Services” menu click “PPF Account Extension”. The same is illustrated in below screen shot.

How to Extend PPF Account in SBI Online
How to Extend PPF Account in SBI Online

3. Now you should be at below screen. Ensure you PPF account is selected and click on “Proceed” button.

PPF Account Extension eServices
PPF Account Extension under eServices

4. In case if there are any back end issues you may see a error message saying “Dear Customer, Please Select a Valid Account for Extension”. Below is a screen shot of this error.

Please Select a Valid Account for Extension
Select a Valid Account error message

5. If you happened to hit this problem you can follow the alternative approach by sending e-mail to your branch (refer to below section)

Extending PPF Account in SBI by sending e-mail to branch

Every State Bank of India Branch has an email ID. You can find the email address of your branch from your accounts Passbook, bank statements. You may also find the email address of your branch by using SBI Branch Locator tool. For illustration purpose refer to below image (Using the SBI branch Locator tool I got the Email ID of SBI HSR Layout Branch, Bangalore).

Finding out Email address of a SBI Branch
Email address of a SBI Branch from SBI Branch Locator tool

You might as well be able to figure out your SBI branch’s Email ID by a google search with IFSC code of your branch. The Email address is usually in the format “” (The ‘xxxxx’ mention here is ‘branch code’, it is usually a 5 digit number. The ‘branch code’ is typically the last 5 digits of IFSC code itself. In our above example with HSR Layout Branch, Bangalore the IFSC code is “SBIN0004409” and the Email ID is “” – note the last 5 digits of IFSC code being part of the branch’s Email ID.

Once you got the Email ID, all you need to do is send a request to extend PPF account validity from your registered Email ID (this is the Email ID where you would be receiving your account’s e-Statement). Below is the exact e-mail that I sent and got my SBI PPF account extended without a single visit to branch.

Email Subject: Request to extend my PPF Account
Email Content:
Hello Sir/Madam,
I have a PPF account with SBI, < Name of branch >.
My PPF Account number is < PPF Account number >, In the name < Name as per PPF account Passbook >.
My PPF account has matured by 01 / April / < Year of Maturity of your PPF Account >.
I want to renew and continue using the same.
Please do the needful and extend my PPF account.

Thank you,
< Your Name as per Bank records >
Mobile: < Your registered Mobile number >

Subsequent to above e-mail my PPF account extension request was processed on the same day (in fact within 1 hour of sending the e-mail. That was a “Surprisingly SBI” moment for me).

Confirming the Successful Extension of your PPF Account

Once your PPF Account Extension request is processed successfully, the maturity date of your PPF account should be extend by a duration of 5 years.
Check the new maturity date of your PPF account by following the procedure shown here. Post execution of extension request you should see change in maturity date reflect in the system.

Importance of Extending PPF Account on Time

If the PPF account extension request is not submitted within 1 year from the date of maturity of PPF account, you will lose the option to renew the PPF account once and for all. A Matured PPF account that is not renewed will continue to earn interest on contributions made before the maturity date, but fresh contributions will not be possible (if any fresh contribution is made, it will not fetch interest).

We hope this post would have helped you to get aware of the newly provided options to extend your PPF account with SBI online, in a completely hassle free manner – right from the comfort of your home.


  1. very nice information in details even a lay man can do with ease thanx

  2. Thanks for very useful information

  3. Dear Sir, I served India Post for 40 years and retired 12+ years ago and am well-versed in PPF rules. But I should congratulate you for providing useful information about extending PPF account for the benefit of lay persons. Thank you.

    • Nice information…it will definitely help the people who are seeking for the help.

  4. Thank you very much sir/madam! This is such a great information!

  5. Now the menu “PPF ACCOUNT EXTENSION” is not available in e-services of SBI online login page. Sorry to say that they have deleted the menu making it impossible for the customers to extend their PPF account online. Please don’t rely on online services of SBI as it is not trust worthy.

    • Try reaching out to your branch by email. This should usually work.

    • Its not deleted , that has moved to – Deposits and Investment > PPF > PPF Extension.
      Please explore entire site before making untrustworthy comments.

  6. A very practical and important information. Thank you so much!

  7. My SBI PPF account was not extending online, it was showing same error message as shown in the post above. I used the email, just copied pasted the format and added correct information. My surprise – My PPF was extended within 1 hour.

    Thank you for this post.

  8. Very much useful info.
    I just extended 5 years block of mine ppf by online and even could deposit this years amount.

  9. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed information regarding the way of extending the PPF online / via email. It has been really helpful to me in doing the same via email as my PPF has already matured and I am unable to renew it online.
    I have just now sent them a mail and am expecting their reply latest by Monday i.e. 18 April 2022 as the next four days are non working days (14.4.22 – 17.4.22).

    Thanks & regards,

  10. This info was very useful to me. It helped me to extend my PPF acount without having to go the bank. Thank you so much.

  11. If you did not found “PPF Account Extension” option in SBI account. Goto Uselinks -> Click Sitemap in the Search box type ppf and you will get the PPF Extension Option, click and proceed.

  12. I don’t see this option in SBI netbanking anymore.

  13. My PPF Account expires on Mar 31 2023. Can I initiate extension request in the last week of March 23, or only after Apr 01 23. Thanks.

    • You can submit extension request after maturity date. Ensure you submit extension request within one year from date of maturity.

  14. Dear sir PPF extension online in this with contribution or witouht contribution option available or whats the default

    Dear sir PPF extension online in this with contribution or witouht contribution option available or whats the default


    • If no extension request is submitted then renewal happens without contribution.
      If extension with contribution is required you need to submit extension request, which will extend in block of 5 years with contribution option.

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