Livpure Smart Referral Code [ L5W5CN ] – Rs 100 Instant Discount For New Users

Use verified and working Livpure Smart Referral Code L5W5CN to get Rs 100 instant discount offer while taking a new Livpure Smart RO Water Subscription plan. You also get 7 days free usage trial period to evaluate the product. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it after trial period (Refer section How to cancel Livpure Smart Water Subscription).

Livpure Smart Referral Code
Livpure Smart RO ModelLivpure Smart Referral CodeSubscription cost
Bolt MineraliserL5W5CNStarts at Rs 349/Month
Zinger Copper HotL5W5CNStarts at Rs 649/Month

How to Apply Livpure Smart Referral Code

Visit Livpure Smart RO water sign up link. You would see a page similar to below.

Where to apply Livpure Smart referral code

Type (or copy paste) the referral code L5W5CN in the “Referral Code (if any)” field. Update your contact details, address and other fields. After you complete sign up process the purifier will reach your address within 72 hours. Next the installation technician visit would be scheduled at the address provided by you. You don’t have to pay any additional cost towards installation to the technician who visits your premise.

The Best Water Subscription Plan

Launched in 2018, Livpure Smart Water Subscription plan was the first and pioneered the concept of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water subscription plan. Since launch it has seen a massive growth in customer base making it the most successful and number 1 RO water subscription plan in India (As per Official figures from Livpure they have a customer base of more than 1 million users).

  • Option to try and buy – You get 7 days free trial period.
  • Reputation of trusted brand. As per Official figures from Livpure they have a customer base of more than 1 million users. Livpure is a brand endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar!
  • Any amount of unused water gets carried forward to subsequent month
  • Choice to Pay only for amount of water you consume (pay as you use) or go for an unlimited water usage plan
  • 6 stage advanced water purification with 7 litres storage capacity, with wall mount and counter top options
  • Livpure Holiday Plan” option to pause subscription temporarily
  • Live monitoring of water consumption statistics with Livpure Smart mobile App
  • Attractive referral benefit for new users (100 Rs off with Livpure Smart referral code at the time of sign up)
  • 20 Litres of free water on registering your device in Livpure Smart Mobile App
  • With Zinger Copper model you can get hot, warm and normal/room temperature water
  • Hassle-free, cost-free maintenance and relocation (taken care by Livpure smart)
  • Dedicated customer support team. Create a service request by App/phone/mail for any issue with your subscription plan or water purifier.
  • Opportunity to refer your friend and family members and get Rs 500 Amazon Gift voucher.

How Does Livpure Smart Water Subscription Work?

Livpure Smart Water Subscription is a rental plan for RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier. You don’t have to pay any installation charges. No maintenance charges. No usage commitment (that is no lock in period). You only need to pay a fixed monthly subscription charge (think of this as monthly rental).

It is truly a no hassle way to have a RO water purifier for your home or even office/business premises. Any maintenance cost involved (for e.g., periodic filter replacement) is borne by Livpure and not charged to Livpure customers. Even if a customer relocates, there is no relocation cost charged!

How is water usage measured?

The obvious next question in your mind would be how is water usage measured? The cool thing about rented Livpure water purifier device is it is based on IoT (Internet of Things). Yes, you read it correct. The water purifier has an embedded sim card for internet connectivity. This enables the measurement and monitoring of water usage – both by Livpure and the customer (using mobile App).

How much water can be used and what is associated cost?

Livpure offers multiple subscription package options for you to choose from. Silver is the basic plan with 125 Litres/month. If you have used up all the water offered as part of your subscription plan, you can pay per litre for additional usage. For Silver plan the cost per additional litre is Rs 3.63. Livpure also offers an unlimited water usage plan. Refer below table for plan and model details.

Tracking unused water balance, water consumption stats, health of water purifier’s filter…

You can get all information and related to subscription plan including daily water consumption statistics and health of filter. Could come handy to track if you are consuming enough water in a day! The App also comes very handy to create service request for support. Refer below snip for a glimpse of App screen and info displayed.

How to cancel Livpure Smart Water Subscription

Livpure Smart Subscription plan can be cancelled by any of the following 3 channels

How to cancel Livpure Smart subscription
  1. Livpure Smart Mobile App: Click on “Raise a Request” option in Livpure Smart App. Then click on “Cancel Subscription” option as shown in above image.
    In the next screen, you would be asked to select a reason, a sub reason if applicable. From the  “Appointment Date & Time” option choose a time slot to schedule pickup of water purifier and submit your request.
  2. email support: Send a mail to from your registered email id requesting for a cancellation.
  3. Phone support: Make a call to Livpure customer care at 8800762226. Place cancellation request for your Livpure smart subscription.
    Note: Phone support timings are from 10 AM to 7 PM (all days of week)

Livpure Smart offer to get 20 Litres of free water

Livpure offers 20 Litres free water for scanning and linking the device to their mobile app. Download Livpure Smart Mobile App. Scan the QR code or Barcode sticker on your Livpure water purifier (refer below image). Your Livpure account gets credited with 20 Litres of free water (you can check updated water balance in the Mobile App / website).

Look for the Barcode or QR code on your purifier. Scan it from Livpure App.

Livpure Smart Referral Scheme

Livpure has a good referral scheme. You would receive Rs 500 Amazon gift voucher for each of your successful referral. The person who applies your referral code would get Rs 100 instant discount at the time of signing up for Livpure smart water subscription plans discussed in this post.

The top three persons who refer maximum number of users to Livpure smart subscription plans in a month would get an additional Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 2,500! The reward for successful referral would be sent to your registered email address and by WhatsApp to your registered mobile number.

Livpure Smart RO Purifier Models

You can choose between “Bolt Mineraliser” or “Zinger Copper Hot” models for subscription plan. The Zinger Copper Hot is a premium model. It is capable of dispensing water at hot, warm and normal temperature. It infuses the goodness of natural copper into dispensed water. The Zinger subscription plans are priced higher than Bolt Mineralizer based subscription plans.

Livpure Holiday Plan

Going out of station? or you just don’t want subscription temporarily? Livpure got you covered! opt for Livpure holiday plan at Rs 250/month. This is to cover the minimal rental charges for the water purifier without any consumption.

Livpure Smart Holiday Plan

Refer to above image showing how to pick holiday plan from Livpure Smart App.

List of cities covered where subscription plans are available

A few years back subscription was available only in major/metro cities. Livpure has expanded its offering to many cities recently owing to good response and demand. At present below is the list of cities covered:

Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Meerut, Mohali, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panchkula, Pune, Raipur, Varanasi, Warangal

Livpure is continuing to expand list of cities where they have their subscription plan is offered.

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