CRED New User Offer

If you have still not signed up for CRED the best time to join CRED is now! You can avail the CRED new user offer and get a cashback of up to Rs 250. All you have to do is sign up using this CRED App referral link (Open link from your mobile phone) and complete your first Credit card bill payment (a Minimum payment of just Rs 1000 is required to get the benefits of CRED new user offer). The referral link has a limited time validity! So make a quick move!!

How CRED new user offer works?

In order to be eligible for new user offer one should have to sign up using CRED referral link (already given above). Install CRED App and complete the sign-up process. Now add your credit card and make a payment to your card. You can make the payment even if your monthly credit card bill is yet to be generated. But remember for new user sign up benefits you should pay Rs 1000 (Thousand Rupees) or more. It is not a must to pay full credit card dues.

Once you complete your first payment you would be awarded 10 gems by CRED. You can redeem these 10 Gems for cashback of up to Rs 250. This cash back earned would become part of CRED balance.

CRED New User Offer
New users of CRED will get 10 Gems on sign up with CRED App referral code link

How to use CRED Balance

Cashback accumulated in CRED balance is as good as real cash.. you can use it for credit card payments, or use them at other apps/sites that provides CRED pay as payment option. Or just buy some deep discounted merchandise sold on CRED platform itself.

CRED App Eligibility

CRED is a members only platform. CRED is targeted towards credit card users in India with a good credit history. A user should should have meet any one of below criteria.

  • Minimum Experian credit score of 750
  • Minimum CRIF Credit score of 570

But why does CRED limit users with only good credit score ?
CRED aims at building a better financial world for its consumers. They want to enable it users to have access to better offers and upgrades from premium brands.

Benefits of Using CRED App

Loads of Cashback

To begin with new users get a instant cashback on signing up (I mean with the referral link). But that is only the beginning. You earn CRED coins each time you pay credit card bill. The CRED coins can be converted to cashback. I will do a follow up post on how to maximize the benefits earned from credit card bill payment using CRED App in a separate post.

Insanely fast settlement of credit card payment bills paid

I have tried a lot of credit card bill payment apps (I will be doing a separate post on this too) and can tell you this. Credit card bill payments done using CRED app are settled very fast. Typically payment reaches credit card provider in few minutes. Now that comes handy when you pay the bill on the last day!

A cool User Interface

You should try CRED to experience this first hand. The very immersive UI design and payment process that is simple, well thought, cool and elegant.

Bill Payment and Recharge offer

CRED App Bill Payment Offer
CRED users earn cashback each time they do any bill payment

Use CRED for your monthly bill payments and recharges and earn cashback each time you do a bill payment.

CRED Boost Offers

CRED Boost Offers
CRED offers Boost offer on Swiggy, Country Delight and other Apps

With CRED boost you get huge discounts ranging from 30-50% on Apps that accept CRED pay. For e.g., at the time of this article there was a 30% discount for payments made at Swiggy using CRED. Similarly for payment at Country delight there was a whooping 50% discount, a 30% discount for payment at EatSure.

CRED Refer and Earn

CRED Refer and Earn Offer
CRED Referral Offer

After you sign up and become a member of CRED you can refer others to CRED. For each person who signs up and pays with CRED you earn 10 Gems. These Gems can be converted to cashback the same way you did at the time of joining CRED. There is a small catch here, a user can a maximum of 750 Gems. This translates to maximum of 75 referral (10 Gems per referral. 75 x 10 = 750 Gems)

Easier Management of Credit Cards

Link all your credit cards and easily track and manage bill payments from a single place. You can opt in for CRED protect and get credit card statement analysis and also protect yourself from any hidden charges levied on your Credit card.
You would be able to make payments to credit card from CRED using other UPI apps (like Google Pay, Amazon Pay etc) and net banking.

My Final words about CRED App

CRED is App only. There is no web/desktop access to the same.
You can make payments to credit cards that is not in your name too. You would still earn CRED coins and cashback.
I have been an active user of credit card for more than 10 years. I found CRED to be a convenient solution for all hassles around managing credit cards. It helps you keep track of when to pay, how much to pay, pay on time and finally save a lot of money with their CRED coins (earned each time you pay a credit card bill) and CRED Gems (earned by new users who sign up with referral link and when you refer other).

Make the most out of CRED

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